Rhubarb & Raspberry Frangipane Tart


Last night as we were having friends over for dinner I decided to experiment with this rhubarb and raspberry frangipane tart, which whilst super tasty with all of those sweet and tart fruit flavours, was a bit...hmmm...runny in the middle. Not ideal! (Why experiment when friends are coming around - why?!) I was determined to get this little sucker right, so re-made it today, and by making the frangipane a bit firmer, it now holds up to all those gooey juices from the fruit and is fabulous - yay!!! Better late then never! 

1 cup plain flour
1/4 cup ground almonds
1/2 cup icing sugar
60g chilled butter, chopped
1 egg yolk (white reserved)
1/2 tsp almond essence
2 tsp cold water or orange juice
1 tsp finely zested orange rind

4-5 big stalks rhubarb, roughly chopped (about 4 cups)
2 tbsp water
2 tbsp caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries

100g butter, at room temperature
1/2 cup caster sugar
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups ground almonds
1 tbsp plain flour
1/2 tsp almond essence

3/4 cup flaked almonds
3 tbsp caster sugar
1 egg white, whisked with a fork

softly whipped cream and/or vanilla bean ice cream to serve.

Whizz flour, almonds and icing sugar in a food processor to combine. Add butter and pulse to form breadcrumbs. Add egg, almond essence and orange zest and process until pastry comes together. Tip out onto a floured bench and form into a disc. Cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate for half an hour. Spray a 25cm removable base tart tin with cooking oil and roll pastry out with a rolling pin between two sheets of baking paper to about 1/2cm thickness. Remove one sheet of baking paper and carefully roll over the rolling pin, then unroll pastry-side-down into the tart tin. Remove top sheet of baking paper and trim ...this all sounds ridiculously easy, but it's not quite as simple as it sounds. The good news is the pastry is quite easily squished and mended when it tears, so if necessary patch it back together!  Refrigerate tart base for at least half an hour before baking. While the base is chilling prepare fillings. Preheat oven to 180˚C (350˚F) and put rhubarb, water, caster sugar and vanilla extract in a baking dish. Cook for 25 mins, remove from oven, cool to room temperature then stir in raspberries and pop in the fridge. While rhubarb is cooling prepare frangipane by whizzing butter, caster sugar, eggs, almonds, flour and almond essence in a food processor. Line the 25cm tart base with baking paper and fill with baking beans or weights. Bake for 20 mins at 180˚C (350˚F) then remove paper and beans and brush the base with a little of the separate  egg white. Return to the oven for 5 minutes. Remove from oven and reduce temperature to 170˚C (300˚F). Spread frangipane evenly into base and top with rhubarb and raspberries then bake for 15 minutes. While this is cooking mix the rest of the egg white with flaked almonds and sugar. After 15 minutes sprinkle this (wetly off your finger tips) over the top of the tart and bake until golden, a further 20 minutes. Cool before removing from base to serve with vanilla bean ice cream and/or softly whipped cream. Serves 8


  1. Tried this! It was delicious!

  2. Yay - I'm so glad you liked it! :)

  3. Made this today ...adapted slightly... with our homegrown rhubarb and raspberries....delicious! Thank you :) I used a cup of uncooked rhubarb freshly cut from the garden into very fine slices, lemon zest and fresh raspberries.

    1. How fabulous to have both homegrown - wonderful! Thanks Marisa :)