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Hello there - this is not my normal post, rather a wee note prompted by having a quick look around about the net at some of my favourite foodie blogs, and I realised, I'm not very talky am I? The thing is, I imagine that nobody is particularly interested in my goings-on, but are pretty much here for the recipes. I would hate to be an unqualified dispenser of advice or use this blog as a place to vent or muse...so I hope you don't feel like you're missing out!  In the meantime, the potted version of me right now is that I am married (still after 23 and a bit years!) to my childhood sweetheart Nick. I have two fabulous boys, Henry about to turn 18 and Richard who will be 16 in a few months. We have two mad terriers, one neurotic Border Terrier named Dougal and one mellow but slightly feral West-highland White Terrier called Maggie. We all live in Auckland, but one day dream of living on our little patch of paradise on Waiheke island. 

As you may have seen from my 'about me' page I have always been passionate about cooking and entertaining, but it wasn't until a few years ago that it became my career. I have just finished almost two years of working with Annabel Langbein (a very well known New Zealand cook) doing recipe development, food styling and latterly food photography. I have just nervously embarked on a free-lance career, and today is the very first day I have sent my portfolio out - wish me luck! I really hope that if you are reading this you have had a good poke around the recipe index and found something you would like to try - better still, I hope you have already made something and enjoyed it! Thanks for visiting From the Kitchen, I hope you pop in again soon :)

If anyone ever has a particular question, please feel free to message me here or at my Facebook page, I am always happy to answer.

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