A big thanks to the lovely people at Food52

One of the the things I love about food blogging is the sense of connectedness in our mad foodie community. There are definitely some days when I think I am the equivalent of a crazy old cat lady sitting at home with my camera and my oven, but then there are others like today when Food52 share recipes of mine to their American-and-beyond network, and I get such a buzz out of knowing that even though I'm sitting down here at the bottom of the world I can share foodie love with people from all over. And just quickly while I'm at it - when you leave a comment (you people know who you are), you have to know that really makes my day...I often meet people who say how much they like the blog (well thank you kindly) but I wouldn't know they had ever seen it - but you my friendly commenters, make me feel like there are real live people using my recipes, and that is pretty damn cool. Anyhoo - thanks to the team at Food 52, I feel very proud to be hanging out on your amazing site! :)