Paneton Quiches & Pastries


Happy Friday Morning to you! This is a bit different to my normal post in that there is no recipe. I just wanted to show you a bit of what I'm doing when I'm not blogging or writing recipes and shooting for Dish and Fairfax. These are some pics I took recently for the good people at Paneton an authentic French bakery in the heart of Auckland. They make a beautiful range of quiches, breads, pastries and of course, croissants. Since I started freelancing 3 or more years ago (time flies) one of the really cool things about my job has been working with people like the team at Paneton, passionate souls producing outstanding product. If you're feeling the Christmas spirit (frazzled that is - haha) you might want to load your freezer up with some of their new quiches for the nights you can't be faffed cooking! (Available at Farro, Nosh, Moore Wilson and some New World supermarkets). As you can imagine I did feel obliged to try most of these after shooting...

I'll see you here with a new recipe next week!


  1. Aww no recipes to go with these delicious photos! Ok I'll drool instead.

  2. Ahh! That smoked salmon pastry looks so amazing. Also love that you actually cut into the pastries - I often find myself wishing I knew what the insides actually look like :)