Summertime Mango, Banana & Raspberry Yoghurt popsicles

Good Morning - surprise, once again I am posting this while lying in bed with a morning coffee, but this time from Amsterdam! The weather outside the Canal House where I am staying is a little grim and I have developed a grotty cold during the trip - but I am still beside myself to be here - my first time in Holland, and I am half Dutch! While the forecast here is for cold and rain,  New Zealand and Australia are both baking and steaming (that Auckland humidity!) in the summer heat, so this will be the perfect, icy treat for you :) This is my first recipe developed especially for Bonds Australia, and from now on I will be sharing one monthly, both on their website and right here, yippee, such a great brand to work with :) The popsicles are surprisingly healthy and easy to make, and such a great combination of flavours - the banana helps give the mango great texture when frozen and the raspberries add a sparky, bright note. Not only do they taste great, they also look pretty cool, which makes them ideal for sharing with friends!

In trip news, so far I have flown from Auckland to Shanghai, where I had the most fabulous dumpling making instruction, and a couple of nights with Nick before we flew together to Berlin. Berlin was amazing, blanketed in snow for our arrival and such a bustling, big-boned (that architecture!), welcoming city. Everyone we met was incredibly helpful as we made our way around tourist hot spots as well as fossicking out restaurants in the latest up-and-coming, but as yet still decidedly dodgy, neighbourhood (more on that later). Can't wait to traul through and edit my pics and share some with you when I get back! It is many, many years since I have spoken German so it was a real treat that it seemed to have been locked away in the dark dusty bits of my brain somewhere ready to re-appear when needed - just wish I could also speak Dutch, but sadly no.

Right time to get cracking, there are museums to visit, stroopwaffles and croquettes to eat, and a lot of walking to do to counteract the effects!

1 mango, flesh chopped into chunks
1 small ripe banana (or half a big one!), roughly chopped
1 cup Greek yoghurt
¾ cup fresh raspberries
2 tablespoons low-sugar raspberry jam
¼ cup lightly toasted coconut threads

In a small food processor or using a whiz stick, blend mango pieces with chopped banana. Heat raspberries with jam in a small sauce pan until the raspberries are starting to go a little mushy, 1-2 minutes, remove from the heat and cool. Spoon 2-3 tablespoons of mango mix into the bottom (which will be the top) of 8 popsicle moulds and freeze for half an hour. Stir raspberries through 2/3 cup of yoghurt and divide between the moulds and freeze for another half an hour. Top with remaining mango mix and freeze for 20 minutes. Finally – top with the last of the yoghurt and sprinkle coconut threads into the top of the moulds. Insert popsicle sticks and return to the freezer for 6 hours or over night.

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