Gettin' figgy with it


Hello, oh my God too much time spent by myself (empty-nest, Nick overseas and I'm working from home as usual) and we have the potential for way too many words from me today... I shall try not to babble on. OK, first up - obviously there is not really a recipe to go with these figs, but I thought I'd post them any way as they are nature's brief gift at this time of the year, and the finger food solution for the culinarily challenged amongst us (love you mum!). If you are having friends over this weekend, or over the Easter break, then this is the perfect nibbles platter for you - fresh ripe figs, salty prosciutto and pungent blue cheese (or soft white goat cheese would also be awesome). Invite guests to take a piece of cheese, stick it on top of half a fig (please protect me from the pretentious, over-used 'atop' for everything - cringe...) and wrap in a strip of prosciutto - phwaor, a lovely little flavour party. If you feel inclined, wrap the figs in advance and pop in a hot oven for a few minutes before serving and the figs will be soft, the cheese melty and the prosciutto the tiniest bit crispy - and the flavours are intensified outrageously. I can't say which version is necessarily my favourite - generally I would go for the cooked option for the sheer grunt of it, but when the figs are so lush and ripe, it isn't really needed and the clean, fresh option is magic!

In other news, oh my God America - what are you doing with that ghastly, bombastic, orange man - please stop it at once, I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

...and apart from that Henry is guns blazing, selling up a storm at Nique in Melbourne (going to visit him in April - counting down!!!), Rich will be home from uni next Thursday for nurturing and general happy Easter times over on Waiheke, and Nick arrives back from Shanghai on Friday morning. I am beavering away on my next travel story for Dish and poised to start testing the corresponding Dutch and German recipes. Also - currently chewing my nails (not really - gross), waiting for the first costing from the concept drawings for our Waiheke dream home. The agony of waiting!!! Anyhoo - there will be more from me before Easter, so I'll see you again soon :)


fresh figs
blue cheese of your choice or soft goat cheese
some lightly toasted walnuts in a wee dish on the side would also be nice!

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