Kapiti to the rescue

Things happen in mysterious ways don't they? I had, in a spur of the moment manner, invited people for dinner last night, on the same day that I had a note from the good people at Kapiti asking if I would like to sample some of their cheeses. Well, er  - yes please - that's the cheese board taken care of! So, once I had given them the correct address (long story) I was delivered their Kahikatea Camembert, Kowhai Gruyere Style cheese and Tuteremoana Cheddar with a pack of truffle oil, chestnut and raisin crostini. I served them with muscatel grapes and a glass (or three) of sherry (I'm a bit of a nanna), and the combination of flavours and textures - creamy, crunchy, sweet and nutty was bloody perfect :)

(The rest of dinner was curried lamb pies made with slow-cooked lamb shoulder, rocket and watercress salad and a massive pile of creamy mash followed by a wee recipe I'm testing for next week - keep an eye out for rhubarb and raspberry cafoutis with vanilla bean ice cream coming soon!)