Work with Me

Well hello there - like what you see?! 

If you are keen to work with me there are several ways we can go about it:

1. Brand Promotion
As of July 2016 I will be doing occasional paid brand promotion through the blog and on my social platforms of instagram and Facebook. I will only be working with brands who I genuinely like and whose products I use on a regular basis - so although paid, the endorsement will always be 100% authentic. Please feel free to contact me to see if we can work together!

2. Recipe Development
As you might have guessed I am a professional food (and travel) writer. I am a regular contributing editor to Dish magazine and Fairfax newspapers, and spent 18 months testing and developing recipes for New Zealand foodie icon Annabel Langbein. I am available to write and develop recipes, and have already worked with brands such as Arnotts (Tim Tam), United Fisheries, Barkers and Sileni Wines.

3. Food Styling and Photography
Generally I write, cook, style and photograph all of my recipe (and travel) spreads for Dish Magazine and Fairfax, and of course everything you see on the blog. I shoot all my work on a Nikon D810 and provide industry standard, high res photos for print or web use. If you're looking a one-stop-shop - I'm your woman. 

Please feel free to contact me by email at for more details, and so that we can tailor something to suit your specific needs. I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Lovely to put a face to the name. Just reached your blog and its beautiful. Its a real cheek of me as I havn't tried your recipes yet (but intend to) but if you would like a challenge a gluten free scone would be just fabulous. Cheese would be great. Or a muffin. I don't want one with 10,000 ingredients and as I've just moved from Akld to Maungatoroto not too many weird unavailable ingreds. Your recipes look so yummy. Sincerely Jude.

    1. Right, thanks Jude - I'll give it some thought! Welcome to the blog ,have fun trying some of the recipes! :)