Disaster in the Kitchen! – Simple Dinner Almost Turns House-Fire!



My Kitchen Fire Story

Yep, I finally did it. I um… had a minor disaster in the kitchen which led to us having a visit from the local fire department. Thankfully it was contained, and nobody was hurt.

It happens to the best of us

No matter your experience level, you should always be prepared for the unexpected to happen – good or bad. It is when you let your guard down and think that you’re too good for any mistakes that you find out you might not be as invincible and amazing as you might think.

What Happened In The Kitchen Last Night?

Okay, so we had organized to do a lovely Sunday dinner with the family and some of our friends were also coming over. I had an amazing three course meal planned. It was nothing new, but we were going for a traditional Kiwi Sunday roast dinner with lamb. So everything was all planned out, the ingredients had been bought, guests started arriving, and dinner was underway. As I was entertaining some of the guests – Mary, my Aunty was babysitting and had brought the kids with her. So I decided it would be a good idea to go into the shed and pull out some games to keep them entertained. It had been a crazy week and I had a lot going on, so somehow it just totally slipped my mind. Guests sitting out the back of the house, nobody was keeping an eye on the food that was cooking in the kitchen! As I was struggling to find some of the controllers for the games, it was taking some time to get organized, and when I opened up the doors to go inside I had realized that I made a big mistake… The smoke had spread to our lounge from the kitchen, and dinner was ruined. Yeah… I messed up. BIG TIME! I was so mad at myself for letting it happen. It was setting such a bad example to walk away from a kitchen with nobody there to keep an eye on things. Thankfully we had some amazing friends over at Fire Equipment Online who had helped us out with sorting some fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and fire blankets. We have all the necessary equipment to help us prevent this from getting worse so I jumped into action while another family member called the fire department. I quickly got the situation under control and it was now about trying to save what we could from smoke damage. Disaster prevented, although we may need to replace the curtains to the living room which is nothing compared to what might have happened if we were less prepared for something like this to happen. Be careful out there! Don’t do what I did, and ALWAYS watch the food you have cooking.

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